March 2021 BCR Work Day - Birthday Bash!

On March 6th, 2021 we held our very first BCR Work Day (and Birthday Bash!) It was great fun, work, and friendship all wrapped up in one day-long party/project. 

We started the morning off with a birthday surprise for Tim. The Team colluded and we each bought him a gift: something he needed in order to raise chickens! He hasn’t been able to have chickens for four whole years and now that we have the Ranch, we plan to fill it not only with people, but animals too!

Tim loves raising chickens and we got him 30 chicks, chick feed, waterers, feeders and everything he needs. He was so surprised and excited that we all came together with this gift for him. (Happy Birthday Tim!)

We got the BCR Work Day started by splitting up into Teams to tackle the team-specific To Do Lists around the future home of Bear Creek Ranch.

The Construction Team demolished the deck stairs and we all gathered together to help remove the large landing in an impressive feat of strength, check out the video! Lucas Mather, Steven Tucker, and Lucius Payne did awesome work getting it ready for new stairs.

The Wood Team worked diligently all day long on cutting up downed trees, hauling them behind the barn, and splitting the wood. Several people used a chainsaw for the first time and drove an ATV for the first time. It was a lot of hard work, but great fun! Thanks Aaron Parker, Anthony Bunger, Jeremy Gore, Danny Ciamarra, Amber Ciamarra, Luca Ciamarra, and Kevin Trim.

The Yard Team ripped out the messy landscape edging in all the random places around the property and dug up the stones out of the flowerbeds. They pulled up overgrown bushes and picked up piles of dead branches around the property. Go Yard Team: Justina Goodyear, Pam Mather, Suzette Lambert, Daphne Trim, Amaryllis Trim, Violet Trim, Luke Mather, Isabelle Mather, and Sharon Bunger. Thanks to our on-site pyro manager, Amy Gore, the bonfire was never out of control! Thanks Tim Mather, the tractor man, for the work on the bushes.

The Miscellaneous Team did a marvelous job of hauling furniture for Katie inside and outside the house. Thanks Zane Mather, Daphne Trim, and Gabe Trim. They did a fantastic job of getting the furniture and rugs out of the way so the Building Team can start the next project of building walls separating the prayer rooms.

The Wiring Team did an amazing job of wiring up the internet and televisions in the family room/teaching room. Raymond Galloway did most of the tedious work of figuring out which wire goes where and finishing off the plugs.

Last and most importantly, the Kitchen Team prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyone at the Ranch. Thank you for sustaining us Katie Mather, Susan Galloway, and Suzette Lambert.

Eating together was delightful and heart-filling! The bonfire burned endlessly, but at the end of the day, it was relaxing!

What a fantastically productive workday! We checked off ninety percent of our lists making the birthday boy a happy happy guy! Thank you all for coming to work and play together!

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