The Five Wholeness Steps in a Busy Life

Why am I not using the 5 Wholeness Steps? They're so easy and EFFECTIVE!

  1. I need to keep it within view for me to actually remember.
  2. I need repetition.
  3. Everyday life absorbs my attention.

"Right click" and download.

How do I implement those two things?

Keep it within view and encourage repetition by:

  1. Downloading The Five Wholeness Steps PRINT & hang everywhere.
    -Hang one on the fridge.
    -Tape one to my bathroom mirror.
    -Hang one over my desk.
    -Hang one in my closet next to my jewelry.
    -Tape one to the dog.
  2. Downloading The Five Wholeness & add to all my devices.
    -Make it the wallpaper on my computer.
    -Post it as a picture on my cell phone.
    -Share it on Facebook.

Now, every time I have a bad reaction in life (i.e. getting furious that the living room is messy) I can stop and ask the Lord what that is all about and go after EVERYTHING I find lurking in the shadows of my heart.

Now the question is... Where did you post yours?