Wounded Spirit Prayer

Several times I have been asked if my prayer for the wounded spirit is written somewhere. So I will describe why and how.

I am a pattern person and see things in patterns or outlines so it is easy for me to see the pattern of praying.

In following the story of the Good Samaritan, the Samaritan saw the man lay beaten by the road and did some ancient first aid. He poured wine and oil into his wounds. The wine acts as an antiseptic which cleanses the wounds. After thinking about it, in that era, they really didn’t have a concept of germs. The oil acts as a healing agent. They were quite aware of the healing property of olive oil. Then the Samaritan wrapped the man’s wounds, took him to an inn and left him in the care of an inn keeper.

The Symbols

Wine is a symbol of the blood of Jesus shed on the cross that cleanses us from sin. Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, our agent of healing. These two are released upon a person’s soul areas even though we call it a prayer for a wounded spirit. The spirit of a person is synonymous with the areas of the soul. This is not to be confused with the new creation coming spiritually alive upon receiving Christ as Savior.

I first release the wine, the blood of Jesus for cleansing. This is first, just like a wound is to be cleansed before putting on any healing ointment. I call for the blood to come and as I pray, I am aware to release virtue that comes from Father through me. I release the blood for cleansing on three areas starting with the head. I put my hand on their head as I pray. The head is about the faulty and wounded thinking, beliefs and the memories. Then I pray for the heart. This is about the seat of their emotions. In Hebrew culture the heart represents the essence of a person’s being. I ask the person to place their hand on their own heart and I place just a couple of fingers on top of their hand to be discrete. Then I ask them to move their hand to their belly. This represents the deepest part of a person’s being, the person’s crushed and wounded spirit, a place of deep wounds and bruising.

Then I go back to the head and release the oil of the Holy Spirit to heal. Again be very aware of being a conduit of the virtue of Jesus as the Spirit of Jesus flows and brings healing and life to the person in these areas. Release the oil for healing upon the ears, eyes and mouth to restore the spiritual function these represent: Seeing in the spirit realm, hearing in the spirit realm and speaking the stuff of the Kingdom. Then I move to the heart again placing my hand on top of the person’s hand on their heart and release the oil for healing into the wounds of the broken heart and emotions. And then finally I have them move their hand and my hand upon their belly to loose the healing oil of the Holy Spirit on the inner man.

As I pray for both the cleansing and the healing to be released I am sensitive to pay attention in the spirit realm to either watch or sense what is going on and only move on to each place as I feel led by the Holy Spirit. I often see or sense the condition of the mind, or the heart or the inner man and may see pictures or get information. I often see or sense the presence of the blood of Jesus and the oil of the Holy Spirit as they are applied to each part of the person.

Just as the Samaritan wrapped the man’s wounds, I call for the presence of Father to wrap them like a protective bandage to give them protection and safety in a season of healing. Then I leave them in Father’s care to work His healing in their wounded souls.

Practical Application

I pray this pray over people after deliverance. It is declaring, “Let the healing begin!” As there is much work that still needs to go on in the process of healing the wounded soul. I pray this prayer at the end of each Wholeness Coaching phone call that I do. It is like reapplying a fresh bandage after we are working on the wounds. I pray this prayer with anyone who asks for prayer because people are just wounded. I even pray this prayer over myself when something wounds me.

Sample Prayer

Father, I thank you for your healing presence.

I loose the blood of Jesus for cleansing in the mind, the thinking, and the memories. Bring your cleansing presence in what he (rather than he/she I will just go with he) thinks, believes and stored in the memories. Let the blood of Jesus flow upon the ears, eyes and mouth, these gates where destruction has entered in through what he has heard, seen and spoken. I loose the cleansing blood upon his heart and his emotions, representing the core of his being. Also, I declare the blood cleansing the deep wounds of his inner man, deep into the hidden wounds and secret wounds, and the old wounds.

Now let the oil of the Holy Spirit come. Bring your healing presence upon the mind, thinking, beliefs and memories. Heal the faulty thinking and lies. Heal the pain stored in the memories. Release the oil of healing into the heart and emotions, the broken places. Bring your healing presence into the deep places of the inner man, into the old wounds, the hidden wounds and secret wounds.

Wrap him in your presence like a protective bandage, watching over him and guarding him in this season of healing. Speak your Word of truth and affirmation into his soul, renewing his mind. I release him into your care because you are faithful to heal and restore and renew. And I declare your Kingdom come and your will be done in Jesus name.

And I always say “amen” so that people know that I am done praying even though I’d rather say something like “yippee! or “yeehaw!”

Be Refreshed & Renewed

When I have had the opportunity to pray over so many people after a day of deliverances, a powerful anointing fills the room as a vortex of the presence of the Holy Spirit becomes almost tangible. I can see why Jesus needed to get away and alone with Father to be refreshed after ministering to so many. When the virtue of healing is flowing through a human conduit, it can be physically depleting and at the same time exhilarating. Even when one prays this over one’s self, be aware to release the virtue of Jesus and press into the presence of the Holy Spirit!