Stuff I DO Believe In: FELLOWSHIP

In the journey out of the institutional church structure – and the recovery from its effects – I have discovered a few things that I’d like to run past you.

The biggest thing is the realization that my focus has always been askew. We are schooled in the art of “church” by those who have come before us. They, in turn, know what they know as a result of the study of those who came before them. So, here is my question: What if those we revere as “church fathers” were off in their theology or doctrine one half of one degree?

Rooted & Grounded in LOVE

What is possible if you were rooted and grounded in the love of Christ? 
Someone asked me that question recently and it’s been rattling around in my spirit ever since. What could you pull off? What could you do? Who would you be? If you were rooted and grounded. If there was an endless flow of love into your spirit, how would things be different?
I’d enjoy hearing your revelations on that question!

The Three-Part Vision of Bear Creek Ranch

Bear Creek Ranch is the three-fold vision of a Retreat Center, Community Center, and Equipping Center founded by Tim and Katie Mather in 2007.

The Retreat Center
 exists to provide a place to engage the brokenness of the saints through deliverance and inner healing retreats.
The Community Center exists to connect families, clans, tribes, and nations in order to heal relationships with self, with others, and with God.
The Equipping Center exists to raise up Servant Kings through practical equipping and coaching for healthy Kingdom living.

The Mission

All ministry through Bear Creek Ranch must maintain vigilant attention upon maturity and healthy relationships. We function as a family of kings, each focusing upon the stretch toward maturity personally and corporately by maturing in our inner life and in relationship with others. We are all equipping one another in the pursuit of healing of the whole self: Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Squishy Little Saints

Sheep. No, lambs. That’s what we really are. Unhealthy, powerless, squishy little lambs unable or unwilling to make decisions without the Sheriff Sheep who pretends to provide a pastoral covering of spiritual authority over us.

Ubiquitous Demonization

A question we are often asked is, “Who needs deliverance?” The answer is: Everyone! Everyone who comes into the Kingdom of God. That’s why Jesus made it the centerpiece of his mission statement in Luke 4:18-19 KJV 

Love With My Whole Heart?

February is usually the month that we think of decorating with hearts and sending Valentines to those we love. Have you ever said or thought, “I love you with my whole heart!”