Ranch Redemption: Found the Land

Bear Creek Ranch has been in transition for almost two years. Surprisingly, registrations haven’t slowed. They’ve been steadily increasing to the point that we’ve added as many retreats as we can handle every month. And we are still filling up three months in advance. Many of you have told us how important this ministry has been in your lives. Many of you have come to me privately and said that you would like to invest in this operation. I am delighted that we are maxed out and overbooked. The Lord is doing amazing things with this ministry. Now it is time to "be fruitful and multiply” and expand into the full vision of BCR with the retreat center, conferences, and ministry school.

We received a prophetic word about “Land the Lord walked.” After wandering the wilderness, we’ve found that promised land and the Lord has given a green light to acquire it with specific directions to ask for what we need. We’ve the initial offer on the property and we need your help. Will you donate to help purchase the land and redeem the abandoned buildings and cabins? The property has been in disrepair more than a decade and many of the buildings have been vandalized. We are bringing everything back up to code.

It’s time for the harvest to come in, and the only way we’re going to bring this enormous harvest in is if we do it together. All donations will be tax deductible. It is an investment in the Kingdom and the return will be freedom and liberty in people’s lives. If you want to participate financially in this adventure, please call the office at 678-327-9190.

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